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On the banks of the mighty Mississippi, La Crosse, Wisconsin is gently nestled amidst bluffs and coulees, and located on the river. La Crosse is a river town, with all the history, charm and romance of the steamboat era.

The La Crosse Area is a geological oddity, as it is believed to have escaped unscathed from the great glacier of the Ice Age that scraped adjacent areas flat. Breathtaking panoramas await as this “escape” left bluffs, coulees, and stream valleys virtually unchanged from the beginning of time.

La Crosse is situated in an area that is the site of the convergence of three rivers: the La Crosse, the Black and the Mississippi. According to Indian legend, where three bodies of water meet in this type of convergence, there will be no “big winds.” To date, there have been no tornadoes in the area of Riverside Park which sits on the banks of the Mississippi.