Winona is nestled between the covered limestone river bluffs that rise 500 feet and the stunning mighty Mississippi River.

The historic architecture and cultural opportunities give Winona a soul that is living, breathing and growing. Still, Winona and its wealth of culture, arts, history, recreation and festivals, is relatively undiscovered.

Winona was founded in 1851 by a steamboat captain. Positioned on a large island in the Mississippi, the lumber industry helped it grow quickly and by 1900 Winona had more millionaires per capita than any place in the United States. Winona’s history lives on in architecturally significant historic buildings and vintage homes that thrill history buffs.

Today, Winona is driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit that has given birth to a city that has built its future by embracing its past. There is a strong arts movement, abundant shopping, comfortable lodging and a variety of restaurants.

In many ways Winona is still an island in the wilderness waiting to be discovered again. All of this is waiting for you. Make your plans today to discover Winona, the historic island city on the Mississippi.